The Story of Our Organ

The Rosales Pipe Organ, Opus 16, is used for worship services and concerts at First Church. It was dedicated on November 7, 1993. While building the Opus 16, Rosales Organ Builders chose to preserve the handcrafted wooden facade and several ranks from the church's original Kimball Organ.

Built by Rosales Organ Builders, the Opus 16 is a mechanical action pipe organ, also called a "tracker pipe organ." It has 4,062 pipes, 77 ranks, and 63 stops. The largest pipe is 3 stories tall. All of the 65 pipes in the facade are working or "speaking" pipes.

The console of the organ has three manual keyboards and a pedal board. There are five divisions to the organ: the Great, the Positive, the Swell, the Pedal, and the Antiphonal.