Parish 1:  Downtown & West Oakland

Deacons:  Marilyn Reynolds and John Hampton

PARISH 2:  Adams Point and 28th Street East of Broadway

Deacons:  Marilyn Reynolds and John Hampton

PARISH 3:  Between Highways 580 and 13 North of Park Blvd and the East Lake Area

Deacon:  Diane Hill

PARISH 4:  Between Highways 580 and 13 South of Park Blvd. and Grass Valley Area

Deacon:  Ann Tisher

PARISH 5:  Oakland Hills above Highway 13

Deacons:  Chris Kovach and Diane Hill

PARISH 6:  Rockridge, North Oakland, Temescal and Emeryville

Deacon:  Peter Avery

PARISH 7:  East Bay North and North Bay, including Marin County

Deacon:  Cindy Whalen

PARISH 8:  Alameda, South Alameda County

Deacon:  Chris Kovach

PARISH 9:  Inland East Bay, including Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Oakley, Livermore

Deacons:  Ann Tisher, Cindy Whalen