First Presbyterian Church of Oakland

First Church Food Ministry

We work to serve tasty and healthful meals with gracious hospitality as our guiding principle. Our goals include:

  • Offering a gracious and hospitable environment to all clients and servers.

  • Continue offering a hot lunch every Monday and a bag lunch every Sunday after church.

  • Work toward environmental care and a more hospitable welcome by limiting or eliminating the use of paper products.

  • Establish a Food Ministry Outreach effort to broadcast information about the program to volunteers and guests both within and outside our congregation.

  • Maintaining our relationship with Food Not Bombs and providing support for neighbor food ministries when possible.

The First Presbyterian Food Ministry is a vital offering to the community.
Great work! It’s amazing how much your small congregation does to make the neighborhood a better place.
— Alyce K., Volunteer
First Church Food Ministry Team

First Church Food Ministry Team


Our Mission Work

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