First Presbyterian Church of Oakland

First Church Food Ministry

We work to serve delicious and healthful meals with gracious hospitality as our guiding principle. Our goals include:

  • Offering a gracious and hospitable environment to all clients and servers.
  • Continue offering a served lunch every Monday and the last Wednesday of each month as well as a bag lunch every Sunday after church.
  • Work toward environmental care and a more hospitable welcome by limiting or eliminating the use of paper products
  • Establish a Food Ministry Outreach effort to broadcast information about the program to volunteers and guests both within and outside our congregation.
  • Maintaining  our relationship with Food Not Bombs and providing support for neighbor food ministries when possible.
The First Presbyterian Food Ministry is a vital offering to the community.
Great work! It’s amazing how much your small congregation does to make the neighborhood a better place.
— Alyce K., Volunteer
  First Church Food Ministry Team

First Church Food Ministry Team


Our Mission Work

2/13/18 - On Sunday, February 11, 140 sandwich lunches were distributed at the church and at the 27th St. encampment.  On Monday, February 12, 90 guests were served.  The team continues to be assisted by several volunteers from Temple Sinai; willing hands from across 27th street – a blessing!  New food trays--a gift--resulted in diminished trash. On Monday even though the food was all gone after serving 83 visitors, lunches-to-go were still prepared for latecomers. A moment of silence was held for one patron who recently died. The plan for President’s Day is for the food team to do a food giveaway at 11 a.m. as a cost saving measure. 

2/8/18 - Last weekend the food team made 140 lunches for distribution not only at the church on Sunday after worship, but also for distribution at the 27th street encampment.  On Monday, February 5, the team offered pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bread pudding, cantaloupe, salad and bagels.  Approximately 87 people were served.  

1/30/18 - On Sunday, January 28, 20 lunch bags were given out at the 27th/Northgate encampment for the first time and it was evident that more were needed.  Total lunches served, 70.  On Monday, January 29, 76 patrons were served a hot meal. "Great work!  It's amazing how much your small congregation does to make the neighborhood a better place.  I'm grateful that you have invited me and the other volunteers from Sinai to help in your efforts to repair our corner of the world."  These appreciative words were sent to Bill Coburn and the entire food team from Alyce Kimmerling, a volunteer from Temple Sinai.

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