the Vision for
children & youth

We are an extended family with members of all ages. 

  • We honor our baptismal vows by nurturing all children in our care

  • We develop caring relationships with children and youth in our community

  • We support parents and join them in the faith development of their children

  • We recognize the vulnerability of children and protect them from harm

We welcome children and youth.

  • We allow children to act like children

  • We affirm each child’s unique personality and God-given gifts

  • We offer worship services and church events that are relevant and accessible to them

  • We offer God’s grace to children and youth beyond our church community

We take children and youth seriously.

  • Children, youth, and adults all share in ministry

  • Children and youth are trusted with responsibilities

We encourage children and youth to know and follow Jesus. 

  • They hear the stories of the Bible

  • They have a forum for addressing their spiritual questions and concerns

  • They learn ways to express their faith

  • They see love and respect modeled by the community and practice it themselves

  • They have opportunities to respond to God’s love in community

We covenant to make this vision a reality both now and in times to come.

Godly Play

Godly Play is a child-centered, worship-based approach to spiritual formation. The goal of Godly Play is to help children become more fully aware of the mystery of God's presence in their lives. At 10 am, children 4 years and above attend the first part of worship. After the Passing of the Peace in the service, children 4 years and older are then invited to leave with leaders to attend Godly Play.

There is no Godly Play program on the first Sunday of every month, as we believe it is important for children to attend worship with the whole community and celebrate communion with their families.

For more information about the Godly Play program, curriculum, and educational philosophy, please read our brochure!

Click here to download our Godly Play brochure for more details.


We believe that members of all ages can lead worship. Children and Youth lead us in a variety of ways.  

JJ acolyte.JPG

The acolyte's role is to carry the light of Christ, symbolized as a candle flame, into the sanctuary at the beginning of worship, to remind us all of God's presence with us. At the conclusion of the service, they carry the light of Christ out into the world, inviting us to carry that light with us in service to the world that God loves. Children from 2nd to 7th grade participate in the Acolyte program.  


Worship Leaders
Everyone gets involved in worship services! Being involved in worship from a young age, helps children grow in faith in hands-on, experiential ways.  Whether it's leading the congregation in the call to worship, unison prayer, reading scripture, singing or preparing the table for communion, we include children and youth every step of the way.