Our personal and communal growth begins with intention: honestly engaging our questions and drinking deeply from the wisdom of our traditions. By coming together to wonder, renew our minds and hearts, and share our insights, we grow into both a living and lived faith.

Our Goals

  • To invite each other to look inward at our core beliefs and values 
  • To encourage and energize each other to focus outward on our local and global ministries
  • To sustain each other along our faith journeys, drawing strength from both our common beliefs and our richly diverse stories
  • To strive toward a genuinely inter-generational congregational culture, in which children and youth are not only welcome but are full participants. 

Women's Circle

The monthly Women's Circle provides an opportunity for women of all ages to have companions on the spiritual journey. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. for an hour and a half.  Together we practice “lectio divina" which is the spiritual practice of reverential listening for God’s voice through the text of scripture.  "Lectio" differs from bible study as it cultivates listening deeply “with the ear of the heart not the ear of the intellect.”  During the time together we also have an opportunity to share personal joys and concerns and close with time for both silence and prayer. 

For more information about Women's Circle, Contact Di Pagel